ox na ox!

for the chinese new year on january 26th, the US postal service released a stamp featuring the year of the ox.

can't help but remember that cleaning agent commercial when i hear the word "ox."

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Marites said...

happy new year!! may you have more blessings this 2009.

Anonymous said...

it's obama's year! he was born under the sign of the ox.

 gmirage said...

Pst congrats on your win over at DongHo's! ;-)

Anonymous said...

LOL! Hrm, maybe I've been in the UK too long now. whenever I hear ox I keep thinking of oxo 0_o Or maybe that's just the chef in me. Happy weekend!

Princess Ody said...

ox na ox sa konting zonrox!

natanggap ko na ang gift mo! tenkyu, tenkyu! i love the stamps on that one, too (hearts). sa office ko ilalagay ang fridge magnet, puno na ang fridge door ko eh :)

fortuitous faery said...

hello marites, plaridel (i didn't know barack was an ox person), gzel (thanks!), sinta and ody!

ody: wow, ang bilis pala dumating ng fridge magnet sayo. and yes, i ♥ the ♥ stamps, too! i'm glad i got to use them.

haha, miss iggy is gonna get office exposure with the fridge magnet! :P

Joy said...

You're right. The Zonrox commercial. That's a very interesting stamp. Don't think it's gonna happen in the UK.

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Oman said...

year ko to. swerte kaya ako this year?

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