meet milo at new york comic con 2009!

yes, "heroes" fans...milo ventimiglia is coming to the new york comic con at the jacob javits center! but which day, i wonder? february 6, 7, or 8?

miss iggy and i have been mostly in hibernation because of this frigid weather, but maybe this is a great reason to bundle up like eskimos and visit the big apple again. i learned about this event through the mutts comics newsletter, because i'm a fan of patrick mcdonnell's (a new jersey native!) strips. he'll be there on "kids' day" (february 8th) to sign his newest children's book, "south." children under 12 enter for free, they say.

well, i guess milo won't be signing autographs on "kids' day." hehe.

to get a friday or sunday pass for the event, it's going to set me back $30 (a saturday pass costs $40). hmmm. just a few more dollars and i can watch a broadway musical/play. tickets for last year's tony award-winning musical, "in the heights," are finally on sale. it's on my list of musicals to see.

milo, mutts or a musical? hmmm.

"New York Comic Con is the East Coast's largest pop culture convention. This year's event will host the latest and greatest in comics, graphic novels, anime, manga, video games, toys, movies, and television."

i'm very tempted to go. but my wallet is screaming "nooo!"

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Princess Ody said...

my vote, of course, goes to milo! :P

a girl should always listen to her wallet. but . . . it's milo!

Sidney said...

Just do it... all ! :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi there!thanx for visiting my site!yeah,i hope you cud see the real beauty of Japan one day. :)

we are having freezy days in here too,though Ive heard that New York is much colder.

and the last............

OMG!!! In The Heights!!! The Choreographer of that award-winning musical show is Luis Salgado!! and he is a friend of mine!He came to Japan for workshops,thats how I met him.So lucky you are to watch the show!

Look at one of the pages of my site and you can see his pictures. ;)

gee,I got so excited here...hehe

enjoy your weekend!


fortuitous faery said...

ody: haha, great advice...i found out though, that you even have to buy separate tickets for autograph-signing, and i saw some other comicbook celebs' tickets have sold out! que majal! :P

sidney: my song right now is abba's "money, money, money"....haha

ghee: konnichiwa, ghee! thanks for returning the visit...and wow, thanks for sharing the info about the musical's choreographer! another reason for me to definitely see it!

Anonymous said...

awww,you must see it!i wish i cud go with you,haha!

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