the darjeeling limited

in this wes anderson film, the whitman brothers travel across india on a train called the "darjeeling limited". this "spiritual journey" brings the three siblings together a year after their father's death where they attempt to catch up with each other's lives, search for their mother who ran off to the himalayas as a nun, and drag their deceased dad's baggages around as if their lives depended on it.

the exclusive 11-piece louis vuitton luggage set featured in this film was designed by marc jacobs. they are very much a symbolic piece of the story as they are stylish with its distinct, vintage look. talk about excess baggage!

don't these bags just inspire you to go into an african safari adventure? each piece is numbered and monogrammed with the fictional dead father's initials, "JLW."

when i first heard about this movie, darjeeling tea came into mind. but now that i've seen it, i know it's really about the brothers' journey into self-discovery and mustering the courage to "let go."

the movie stars jason schwartzman, adrien brody and owen wilson. i find adrien brody to be the most charming of the lot, especially with his aviator glasses.

there is a bit of a prologue to the movie called "hotel chevalier" which stars only jason schwartzman and natalie portman...and her butt.

so, hop on the "darjeeling limited" if you still haven't done so. on board, you'll have a choice of tea or sweet lime, and along the way are some very interesting stopovers.

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Vk-mahalkaayo said...

ganda ng LV bags ano?...heheheh
ay JKW pala..........

Princess Ody said...

i've seen this movie, too and i love it! i also find adrien brody's character adorable.

around two weeks after i watched the movie, i had to travel with a train and (involuntarily) had to re-enact the first scene of the movie - running after the train i had to board. i made it just in time!

gingmaganda said...

i wanna watch this! i heart wes!

fortuitous faery said...

yes vicky, i ♥ these bags! even if they have "JLW" embossed on them.

ody: haha, that's amazing! what a funny coincidence! it's like being on "amazing race"! are you sure you weren't imitating the movie on purpose? hehe. :P

ging: yes, do watch this movie! i loved "the life aquatic with steve zissou". ngayon ko lang nalaman si wes anderson din pala director nun. oh, and you'll see bill murray in "darjeeling", too...but only as an extra. woops, spoiler! haha.

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