tee time!

this rockin' shirt came in the mail today from ging as a birthday gift! thank you! you shouldn't have!

tried it on and knew it was going to be a tad tight for my bigger-than-the-average-pinay body (read:fat, haha), but i like the design! it's so christmasy! (did you design this shirt, ging?) which made me think, i should have held a christmas ornament here instead of an orange! haha.

i was also amused to see the louis vuitton-inspired shopping bag it came with. thanks again, ging! and for the birthday card!

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gingmaganda said...

sorry about that being so tight! i tried to find the right size for you and maybe i miscalculated. it says "Cubao X" somewhere there, thought you'd like it. hee.

i'm wearing said shirt here too http://gingmaganda.blogspot.com/2008/09/opismeyts.html

and no, i did not design it. =)

so happy it reached you! happy birthday!

fortuitous faery said...

it's okay ging! it's not your fault that clothing made in the philippines notoriously run small...that is, made for petite, slender bodies such as yours! hehe.

i do like the shirt design...just wished i was...smaller. haha.

Anonymous said...

looks like you found a great friend. lucky you.

fortuitous faery said...

indeed i am lucky, plaridel. :)

Marites said...

oy, you got a nice christmasy tee. that's really cool

agent112778 said...

its not that tight miss faery, it looks good on you :)

BTW, thanx for adding my name inyour blogroll. what does that fly or bee means next to our name(s)?

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