oh my, it's conan o'brien!

last night, i was making my way back to the port authority bus terminal from watching a play based on alfred hitchcock's "the 39 steps" to catch the 10:30pm bus back to new jersey. times square was alive with the friday night crowd. i was walking briskly on the side of the road past the hard rock cafe when a guy from a distance yells at me, "miss, stay on the sidewalk...stay on the sidewalk!" it was then that i noticed that there was a small cluster of people on the sidewalk watching something going on. then, my attention focused on a taxi parked close to the curb with a couple guys standing and a film crew. it was then that i recognized one of the guys as conan o'brien! the late night talk show host!

i found myself looking on as the other people were. starstruck moment. these tourists morphed into papparazzi. we were being held back by some men wearing ordinary clothes and ID badges. a woman was screaming, "conan! conan!" a black lady with a camera asked one of the guys securing the area, "who's in there?" "nobody," replied the guy. "can't be nobody, i'm sure it's somebody!" retorted the lady. and with that she squeezed past me and looked for a good spot to snap a photo. a few minutes later she passes me by and triumphantly declared, "i got conan on my camera!"

my spot was this area next to a sidewalk vendor selling I♥NY shirts and cheap pashmina shawls. the guy on the left is one of the crew members keeping watch. inside the taxicab is conan, yes, i swear! i wish i had a better photo of him. he was outside the car at first talking to another guy as they were being filmed. i'm not sure if it's for a movie or a tv commercial or for a segment on his talk show.

i gave up trying to get a better snapshot of conan, knowing i still had a few blocks to walk to reach the bus terminal and make it to my bus on time. i almost missed that bus, too because i had to excavate the contents of my purse for my bus ticket. thankfully, i found it and ran towards the end of the line. so much for being a papparazzi.

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Marites said...

hirap ng buhay paparazzi ano? delikado na, male-late ka pa sa bus hehehehe! but u know, the adrenaline is a good rush :D

Princess Ody said...

wow, you're so lucky! inggit ako!

ms firefly said...

hehe, conan is of irish descent! :D

ala lang, i just feel the connection. hehe

fortuitous faery said...

yes odette, he's unmistakably irish...his red hair alone gives him away. :P

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