new york in a bag!

how would you like to carry the city of new york...in a bag? muji will gladly give you the opportunity, in the form of small wooden pieces of what makes new york distinctly new york: the statue of liberty, chrysler building, empire state building, the guggenheim museum, taxi cabs...that's as far as i can recognize the pieces in the set.

the set comes in a simple cloth bag and costs $14.00. no, i didn't buy it.

muji is somewhat like japan's ikea, only a little pricier. their designs are simple, colors are predominantly earth-toned. but unlike ikea, they sell clothing apparel too. this particular muji store i went to was at 40th st., right next to the new york times building and just across the port authority bus terminal.

2 vandalized my wall:

ms firefly said...

very nice!!!
and i like the bag that it comes with. :)

fortuitous faery said...

i agree, it's a cute little sack.

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