license to purrrr

our dynamic kitty duo is now "legal!" they've been vaccinated (thanks to a free rabies shot clinic by the roxbury township health department) and now have been issued cat licenses by our township. it's $10 for each cat, the fee imposed when your feline is "unfixed," meaning neither spayed nor neutered depending on the gender. otherwise, it would have been three dollars cheaper.

it's one of the things that was culturally "shocking" for me when i first came here to the states: obtaining pet licenses. i was used to just scooping up stray kittens off the street when i was growing up in the philippines. and here, you can even get fined for each month you delay registering your cat with your town!

here's my grandfather waiting in line for the free rabies shot with our kittens inside the two separate pet carriers.

dog owners outnumbered the cat owners.

and here they are acting like royalty on our couch. they like to nap together.

at left is maki, on the right with jet-black fur is siomai. maki, who's male, is more affectionate and laidback while siomai is a hyper, aggressive female. they're the yin and yang of each other.

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Melanie Sheridan said...

They are cute! Thanks for stopping by my blog! Please email me at adramaticmommmy [at] gmail [dot] com and I will give you the address to send a postcard to my adopted soldier.

Thanks so much for your help!

Anonymous said...

they're quite a pair. are you the one taking care of them?

fortuitous faery said...

thanks for visiting as well, dramatic mommy! will be waiting for your email instructions!

plaridel: yes, i take care of the cats. my sister does too, sometimes.

Anonymous said...

sweet naman nila:) talaga? tsus! lagot pala kami kung andyan...when I was in grade school, umabot ng 30+ ang pusa namin kasi mahilig kami ng brother ko mamulot ng stray cats hehehe! presently, we got 6 cats.

ms firefly said...

ohh, kitty goodness! they're so sweet on the couch!

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