german gummi bears

this tiny pack of haribo holds gummi bears that it proudly proclaims "kids and grown-ups love." it's not just rubberized, sweetened bears you'll find inside, but hearts and rings and other odd shapes.

the package boasts in german, "haribo macht kinder froh und erwachsene ebenso," which translates to "haribo makes children happy...and adults too." i must admit, i agree!

apparently too, haribo is a big name in the gummi candy industry not only in germany, but throughout the world. in fact, gummi bears originated in germany. yummy piece of trivia.

2 vandalized my wall:

emilayusof said...

yay haribo!!! i love!

fortuitous faery said...

me too, emila! ich liebe haribo! haha

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