perplexed with kleenex

i still haven't seen the environmentally-themed disney/pixar film "wall-e," which features a garbage compacting robot set in the future, where earth has become uninhabitable.

greenpeace thinks it's ironic that kleenex is using wall-e's likeness on its tissue boxes, when their business profits out of destroying forests to produce tissue paper. they created a short animated clip called "wall*e+kleenex=iron*e" to challenge kleenex's "greenwashing" its consumers by using wall-e on their products and to stop them from ravaging trees once and for all.

read more about greenpeace's "kleercut" campaign against kimberly-clarke, the company that manufactures kleenex.

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Anonymous said...

i've lost faith on greepeace. i believe it was originally founded to save the whales but it has now evolved into a monster run by lawyers. behind the cloak of protecting the environment, it exists to make money through scare tactics and lawsuits. has anybody asked its officers what kind of houses they live in, what vehicles they drive, what they use to blow their noses, and how many plies of toilet paper they use to wipe their butts? these hypocrites should practice what they preach.

fortuitous faery said...

good point, plaridel. i'm also inclined to wonder why they're singling out kimberly-clarke when there are other tissue paper manufacturers out there. i guess they're trying to catch the "big fish."

fortuitous faery said...

and also...i wonder if disney/pixar is amenable to greenpeace's using wall-e in their animated clip.

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