broadway in bryant park

bryant park has a summer treat for broadway fans: an hour of free broadway performances from selected musicals every thursday.

i was in new york city last thursday to have my passport renewed, and i arrived just in time to catch the show. that day, they had select performances from "altar boyz", "cirque dreams" (circus performers ala-cirque du soleil), "in transit", the new musical "a tale of two cities", and the crowd favorite--disney's "the little mermaid."

people sat under the scorching sun on benches to watch the performers sing a few songs from their respective musicals. i didn't mind the heat, i had a hat and an umbrella!

here's a videoclip from my digicam of sebastian the crab's upbeat ditty, "under the sea." you may have to turn up your speaker's volume because i sat a bit far from the stage. see if you can spot the guy on stage who sings the song.

to view the upcoming weeks' free broadway performances, click here.

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