bird's nest chair?

i was at the museum of modern art (moma) on 53rd st. on friday, taking advantage of their free public admission sponsored by target every fridays between 4-8pm. i was there at 6pm, and the lobby was swarming with tourists who knew about this promo as well. you had to stand in line to get a ticket stamped "FREE" to get in....the line went around the block outside the museum, but it moved quickly enough that the wait time was only about 15-20 minutes. i didn't mind, it was free after all and it was a chance for me to inject some arts & culture into my system.

it was a frenzied visit because the museum was filled with so much people, and my stomach was silently complaining to me for not having any lunch yet at such a late hour. i got to see some of the art masters' original works such as those of salvador dali, pablo picasso and andy warhol.

at the furniture design section, remarkable pieces caught my eye such as this chair that reminded me of the bird's nest national stadium in beijing. could be something that spiderman would create. looks fragile, doesn't it?

will try to post some of the other photos i took inside the moma. i thought it was unusual that photography was allowed.

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 gmirage said...

I saw some MOMA displays from another blog...hmmm, nagkasabay siguro kayo dun hehe, katuwa. Anyway...babalik ako mamaya for your LP entry ha...;-)

Anonymous said...

wow! this is really cool! buti pa ang mga museum dyan magaganda. dito? ay ewan ko.

Anonymous said...

MOMA Queens was newly opened when hubby and I lived in NYC. We were there often! I love the view from the train and you see the overlapping letters come up to spell MOMA.

They allowed photos, you're right. No flash lang for the paintings. I have a photo of Magritte's eye in the sky and all those other classics.

To MommyBa:
We have some excellent museums here in the Philippines. Aside from the National Museum and the Ayala Museum, there is Casa Manila in Intramuros. The DeLaSalle Museum (both in Taft - where the Willy/Doreen Fernandez collection is housed- and in Dasma, Cavite) are others. There are a few more around the country of great historical importance (Casa Gorordo in Cebu, Malvar Mansion in Laguna etc...). My kids love going to the children's museum along Roxas. It's quite interactive so they never tire of going. Maybe you are right they are not the same caliber as those in other countries, but we have to be proud of them. (At least even visit them!) ;-)

Sorru haba comment.

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