nihao, swatch!

at the swatch store in times square, the official beijing olympics 2008 watches were on display for people to ogle at.

i think the one in the middle featuring the official mascots is the cutest of them all. their names are beibei, jingjing, huanhuan, yingying and nini. easy to remember, right? sounds pretty much like the nicknames pinoy kids grow up with regarding the two-syllable rule. theirs sound more chinese, though.

get to know more about the beijing olympics mascots here.

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Anonymous said...

Nice watches. But I wonder if those can withstand my sweaty wrist haha! People in Hong Kong go ga-ga over anything with olympic logos on them ;)

fortuitous faery said...

really? i spotted these beijing olympic mascot sticker sheets at a store in soho, new york city...my eyes widened when i saw that one sheet costs $3.25! mahal, men! sumakay pa kasi ng eroplano from china! hehe.

same thing goes for the complete set of stuffed toys...parang $25 ata...ang liliit pa.

Anonymous said...

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shiera (bisdakbabbles) said...

these are really cute!

Anonymous said...

its great that swatch has gotten so trendy in the past years, i remember the pop swatch collecting craze in the 90s hahahah!

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