tip me baby one more time

two weeks ago, i beheld the spectacle that i called "the naked cowgranny" in times square. most recently, i was able to catch the original naked cowboy! he's back in business!

much to my chagrin, when my friend and i posed with him, a guy in a suit bellowed out, "there's a two dollar tip, girls!" so we begrudgingly reached for dollar bills from our purses after the photo op. didn't know he actually has an official agent/bouncer now!

we were two dollars poorer after that, but i always wanted to pose with the dude. he's a living times square attraction. my friend exasperatingly said that if she only knew she'd be charged two bucks for the photo, she should have grabbed his...."guitar"! haha.

but i guess if you have to stand in the middle of times square in nothing but your briefs, then a tip would indeed be in order.

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Anonymous said...

Yummy looking dude... wehehe :)

gingmaganda said...

that cowboy is yummy! wish i was in the big apple too!

btw i got your beatles postcard. i sooo love it, it made me squeal with pleasure, hee.

thanks! and i see you've been bombarding me with postcards eh? hehehe. so nice to get mail almost everyday!

fortuitous faery said...

pang-macho dancer ang katawan nia, haha.

i'm glad you got the postcards, ging!

gingmaganda said...

also pala your experimental kitty postcard. hee ;-)


fortuitous faery said...

yeess, the post office at the bus terminal in new york city hasn't failed me!

Anonymous said...

peculiar indeed! but i guess the $2 was all worth it for the entertainment and "eye candy!" LOL!

happy weekend, dear!

Marites said...

thought it's libre but hey, that's a once in a lifetime pic:D so, i think it's worth it:D

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