gatorade asteroid and giant needle

on wednesday morning, (the day i woke up 15 minutes before my scheduled bus arrived because my alarm was on silent mode hence prompting me to take the fastest bath ever and skip breakfast) this sight greeted me in the middle of times square--an "asteroid" from the planet gatorade.

i had no idea what the advertising logic was behind the fake asteroid (it was really a dome-shaped tent with people inside) and the sports drink, but i took out my camera anyway and snapped a photo.

then this afternoon, i walked towards the "fashion district" and gawked at the landmark fashioned out of a giant button and sewing needle. right beside it was a sculpture of a man working on his sewing machine.

the fashion district is along the stretch of 7th avenue just past times square. 7th avenue actually "morphs" into the fashion district, and there you'll find shops selling imported fabrics.

wish that guy didn't have to sit by the statue while i was photographing it, though. i was feeling the "project runway" vibe when i saw the giant needle.

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Anonymous said...

hey, you're good. you have the eye.

fortuitous faery said...

thanks, plaridel!

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