domo arigato, mr. roboto!

you just never know who or what you're going to spot when walking in the big apple. i did a double take a few days ago when i passed by this guy on a bike with a silvery co-rider at his back. turned out to be a live advertisement for "robot village", a hobby store for robot enthusiasts on 81st street.

when i stopped to take a picture of the biker dude, he seemed to pose a bit, smile just a bit while trying to act nonchalant to the fact that someone is photographing the robotic spectacle attached to his bike. he was actually kind of cute!

2 vandalized my wall:

Anonymous said...

Your cam always has an eye for yummy dudes. More more! wehehehehe...

fortuitous faery said...

the sad part is my camera's the only one getting some action with such guys, not moi--the photographer! haha

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