hello kitties!

we were given a pair of black kittens on may 28th! they're only 8 weeks old. still jumpy and hiss at you when you want to hold them, but i'm not fazed by that. the great thing is that they're toilet-trained. their mama gave birth to a litter and their owner is giving them away for adoption. they even came with everything you need to take care of them, a kitty care starter kit with food bowl, cat milk, blankets, toys, litter pan, cat food--the works!

their american names are samantha and connor. we're thinking of new names for them...and i came up with "shaw" and "mai"....shaw mai! haha, get it?

at first, i built an improvised "fence" around their cat bed using flattened mailing boxes, but on the second day, they wanted to explore their surroundings so they jumped from their enclosed area and started running around the basement and hid at dark corners. they're very alert and playful.

their fur isn't totally black...they have tiny specks of white. the other one has a small patch of white fur on his belly, so that's how we tell them apart.

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tee said...

:)hello kitties at shaw mai!!! pinoy na pinoy ka pa rin hehe

i love kitties and specially black ones (best if they come with dolls hehe j/k..but then why not?!)

nice naman your neighbor to give this kind of gift and the way he handled the adoption process peta/paws would be proud

can't wait to read about their upcoming adventures (and some funny misads-)keep them coming connie!

gingmaganda said...

awww. yung dati kong pusa, ang pangalan siopao.

i also have two kitties to give away. ;-(

Anonymous said...

Had u not mentioned these are kittens, I would've not recognized them. They are so black only the eyes are obvious. So mysterious and eerily cute for me. Palibhasa kase dog person ako haha. Name Suggestions: muning and kuting (100%pinoy). fifi and mimi. meow and pao. They're great! Take care of them.

Ersin said...

Hey there! The cats look so cute! I like your blog! See ya!

fortuitous faery said...

hello, tee! thanks for visiting my blog...of course, i'm still very much pinoy! at this time, the kittens prefer to hide from people rather than be photographed...so it will be a challenge to keep track of them! i will try, though! haha.

ging, any takers for your two cats yet? why do you have to give them away?

mona, thanks for the name suggestions...i tend to shy away from the "usual" pet names....i've named a cat "shakira" before. hehe. oo nga, they're so black that they disappear into the shadows when they run into dark corners.

hello, ersin! thanks for dropping by! :)

Anonymous said...

i love kitties..don't worry, they will warm up to you in due time. :)

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