a cup of kuh

on saturday evening, we were invited by our friends of the "born again" faith to witness the immaculate kuh ledesma perform live at their church in randolph. the admission was a very affordable $15, but my parents, grandma and i ended up watching the show for free because we were given free tickets at the entrance.

the hall was filled with filipinos eager to see her live. i've never seen kuh in person, so i was also excited about this opportunity.

kuh emerged in a shiny, all-white garb with a sparkly, studded belt. along with her long, black hair--her aura simply echoed, "diva!" she opened up her mini-concert with a silky version of "i think i'm in love."

she sang some of her popular old songs such as "dito ba," "till i met you" and "bulaklak," then ended the night on a patriotic note with "ako ay pilipino."

in between songs, she would share personal bits about her life--how she went through a painful marriage broken apart by a third party. she confessed how she was a headstrong, overpowering wife, and discovered how she needed to change that attitude when a bible reading enlightened her and eventually led her to the born again fold.

she also did a little advertising for her resort in cavite called "hacienda isabela" which is open to the public for weddings, retreats and the like. a short videoclip of regine velasquez prancing through the property in a sun dress was shown to the audience.

despite the "no flash photography, no recording" signs posted at the show, i recorded a precious 13 seconds of her rendition of lara fabian's "broken vow" (my nearly-full memory stick could only allow 13 seconds of videoclip). having been through a "meteor garden" phase, that song is a sort of "historical marker" in my life. cue dao ming si running after a bus and screaming, "shancaaaaiii!"

i got to take a couple of good close range shots of the diva. now, don't you think my photos are paparazzi-quality? hehe. she looks like a goddess up close!

we bought her CD, overpriced at $20, but understandably so.

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