a PVD story in PCU

apart from the holiday parties, including the one we hosted at our house on new year's day, my family was also bracing itself for my grandfather's major surgery--a femoral-tibial bypass on his left leg which happened yesterday. the procedure lasted for five hours.

his left leg was inflicted with peripheral vascular disease (PVD). it's something he's been enduring for quite some time now. he had undergone three angiograms last year for it. his surgeon finally decided that his condition required a more serious approach, hence the bypass.

i'm with my grandfather right now, in his room in PCU (progressive care unit). it's my turn to watch him. i brought a laptop with me to watch DVDs with and go online with--thanks to this hospital's free WIFI. i even brought a book to read, an ipod to listen to...stuff to keep me occupied.

tatay, as we call our grandfather, is now sleeping soundly with his mouth half-open. my grandmother is also dozing off on the couch beside him, clutching a "daily bread" booklet in her hand. tatay had been complaining not too long ago about piercing pain on his left heel, but thankfully the percocet has now kicked in.

he was told that his stay here might last for four or five days. i can only hope and pray for his speedy and progressive recovery. he's turning 80 in may.

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