the 50-year-old bride

at the age of 50, my godmother is finally tying the knot. her wedding is actually this coming sunday, oct. 21st, in the lush hills of tagaytay. unfortunately, we won't be there on her special day.

believe it or not, she has never married in her whole life, and her prayers have finally been answered in the form of a 52-year-old seafaring engineer-widower from pangasinan whom she met two years ago.

we called her tonight (saturday morning, manila time) to congratulate her. she excitedly explained how the marriage proposal happened. she also promised to email me her wedding photos.

we've always thought how unlucky my godmother has been in the love department. i've personally wondered if her being a ranking PNP officer-nurse had anything to do with it. you know, the whole "intimidating image" which high profile women such as my godmother wield. i wonder how many men secretly wanted to date her but were silenced by her uniform.

we have taken her many years ago to the shrine of our lady of manaoag in pangasinan in one of our annual pilgrimages (because my family are devotees). we knew that her foremost petition was a husband. she's had her share of heartaches, but now after years of waiting, "the one" has finally come...and coincidentally, he's a pangasinan native.

true love does wait, and in my godmother's case, she's been very, very patient. like that song goes, "love moves in mysterious ways". and prayers yield three answers: "yes", "no", and "wait." sometimes, the perfect moment takes as long as 50 years...but it's just the way god decides what's best for us. all we can do is trust his infinite wisdom.

i wonder if the same fate awaits me?

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