ayayay...it's ara mina!

my sister and i went to the philippine fiesta in meadowlands expo center in secaucus today to plunder bags of freebies from different booths and buy tagalog DVDs at a discounted price.

this was our second time to attend this yearly gathering of filipinos for roulette-spinning games, raffle promos, philippine property-selling, singing, dancing, and merchant booths.

i think we got our $15-ticket's worth when we had our picture taken with celebrity ara mina...endorsing the DIRECTV booth for the GMAPINOYTV package. i'm so glad i brought my digital camera with me.

ara mina

that would be me at the left looming over miss ara's glowing beauty. beside her is my sister. her skin was really radiant, but i saw that her quiet smile was tinged with tiredness from sitting all afternoon posing with fans and autographing GMA KAPUSO pins. i hastily grabbed an autographed pin right after our picture was taken and my thumb smudged her still wet fountain pen signature.

i need a break...

being starstruck with a celebrity, especially when the encounter is totally unexpected, diminishes your clarity of thought. i could have whispered to ara that i went to the same elementary school in pasig as she did, just to break the monotony of her picture-posing task. but then we were just another group of starstruck fans in the queue, ushered in by the crew for the ten-second photo op. ah well.

i bought three DVDs there for only $13 each (and without the ghastly 7% nj tax): "moments of love" (romance), "mourning girls" (comedy), and "pa-siyam" (horror).

now, the program said judy ann santos and diether ocampo would be in the event, but we didn't stay around for that. we chose to leave early after we had our loot bags and then had a turo-turo dinner at a newly-opened filipino restaurant in nearby jersey city.

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