legends of (the) fall

i just finished watching "sex and the city" season six:part one--all three dvd's with four episodes each which i rented from the library the other day. amazing who they manage to throw in as guests! like david duchovny as carrie's highschool boyfriend who ended up in a loony bin. i had a crush on him during x-files' peak of popularity. there's geri haliwell too, a brief dialogue though.

it was windy earlier, so it was quite a challenge trying to collect the leaves off the garage when a whirlwind would blow to add more leaves every now and then. but i managed to clear the garage and have the pavement become actually visible again without the piles of leaves. now we don't have to wade through leaves in the garage.

when i drove to the library the other night, it was raining, and the road going there was under construction so the other half of the road is closed to traffic. in situations like that, there's a person on both sides of the work area to signal the motorists when they can move. on my way home, i was following a police car waiting for his turn to enter the work area. when the flag person signalled for him to move, i followed suit, because the guy signalled for me to move too (or at least i think he did, haha). police cars being what they are, are licensed to drive fast, so i didn't get to follow him on the right track. but thankfully i was able to move to the safe side of the road. what i hate about work areas is that the road sometimes becomes narrower for driving. halfway through, i opted to take another route, a longer one, home, than to encounter another huge tractor in close proximity to my driving space. the guy on the other end almost didn't see me coming.

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