trick or treat

it's the eve of all hallow's eve and the kids in our neighborhood couldn't wait to pull tricks on people's property. but they were nothing serious, only that it's the first time i saw some actual "trickery" in this occasion.

as i looked down my bedroom window, i wondered what white stuff were on top of our two cars...and realized it was tissue paper strewn across the windshield, all the way to the back of the cars. i looked at the edge of the garage and saw three kids standing (which almost scared me...since it was almost midnight then)--aha, must be the culprits.

saw that even the mailbox was wrapped in tissue, and more tissue paper was hanging from the neighbor's tree and by the stairs of another neighbor. they're going to wake up to a "white halloween."

we have a jar of willy wonka laffy taffy for kids a trick-or-treating tomorrow.

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