watched "dreamcatcher" today. really disgusting alien slugs/eels. a group of guy pals befriend a mentally challenged boy who rewards them with psychic powers and who later turns out to be an alien. the movie reminded me a bit of the current iraqi war and the SARS virus scare combined, except that saddam is this giant alien and the hideous, fanged slugs are his royal guards.

during the intermission, they showed this mini-animated movie called "animatrix: final flight of the osiris." neither neo nor trinity were in it, but just this black guy named thadeus and a japanese-looking girl named jue. they are computer-generated characters who look like they jumped straight out of your sony playstation 2, and the graphics are just vibrantly real, so real you'd think they're almost human. their simulated swordfight scene was so cool, they were blindfolded until they stripped down to their underpants. strip swordfight, hehe. the coolest part was the ending, because the ship was attacked by the spider-like creatures and jue died in "the real world." no, not mtv.

don't be fooled by the name "one-hour photo" when you come have your film developed at our mall. they actually mean "5-hour photo", no matter which photo shop you choose. it takes at least 2 hours to get it done--i got my pictures after 5 hours today.

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