last night, ling decided to treat us to an advanced celebration of her birthday at this place called savory along earnshaw st. in sampaloc, just near the emc bus station. we occupied this ktv room upstairs for a thousand pesos, consumables included. the sisig was deliciously spicy. i brought my camera with me. ling has this funny way of posing, she says "hello" instead of the customary "cheese." reeze laughed her guts out to ton's rendition of "buchiki." i got to sing lisa loeb's "stay", gloria gaynor's "i will survive" and a couple of madonna's songs.

i also got to bring home a mug with my sorority's logo on it, but it has this tiny chip off the rim. downstairs was our prof dining with a group of men, one of which turned out to be someone who just passed the bar exams and whom len and she knew. we went home after 2 hours of singing. our birthday song for ling was sharon cuneta's "kahit maputi na ang buhok ko."

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