got back home early this morning from piat. it was cool that charlynn got to go with us, so there were four of us all in all.

i hardly got enough sleep on our way there, because i knew we got stuck in traffic somewhere in sta. fe, nueva vizcaya, that viciously curvy part of the trip where the curves are so sharp and narrow i swear they were 90 degrees. i cooked chicken nuggets for our baon, which we partook during our lunch and dinner in addition to the food we bought right there.

we arrived in piat at 10am, friday. the bus took the longer way from tuguegarao via solana instead of piat directly. we prayed, lit some candles and climbed atop the belltower and hung out there for a while till around 3:30pm. we talked and took pictures. the local food in the nearby canteens were too strange for our eyes, so we settled for beef steaks. and my chicken nuggets. a funny thing while i was buying religious souvenirs was this retarded girl who kept saying st. therese' name like it was a prophetic message...and when she looked at me, she had this astonished look in her face and said "ST. THERESE!"...and ton who was trying not to laugh, quietly led me towards the cashier and away from the girl.

we also bought these banana breads from a store nearby for P25 each. the people there were really nice and kind to us. we left piat at 4:15pm, and had dinner at one of the stopovers at this "hapag kainan" restaurant somewhere in isabela, where the food was expensive. one thing we noticed was that the food joints in the north always have papaitan. one of the bus drivers was being chatty with ton and rizza, and he kept referring to me as "taba" like we were close friends. anyway, the only downside to our trip was that we didn't get to see that lovely part of isabela with rippling hills on both sides of the road.

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