the bad thing about diarrhea is its bad timing. it usually strikes at a place and time you least want to have it. but then again, who would actually wish for LBM at any given time and place, anyway?

i was on my way to megamall on a mission to buy my sister a pair of private joyce undies, as she so persistently requested of me. when i got off at quezon avenue, my stomach was feeling funny, and i headed to 7-11 right away to buy some tissue. then i did my chore at the mcdonald's nearby. then i proceeded to the mrt station and got off at megamall, where i started to feel the next wave of LBM--that awful, perspiration-inducing sensation that impairs your ability to walk comfortably. so i rushed to the restroom downstairs, and then bought some diatabs to finally put a lid on it. after buying the pricey thongs at sari-sari, i had pitas for lunch and felt better. then i took the mrt again back to cubao where i got on an FX for lawton.

i rode a jeep to binondo and then i went inside binondo church--my first time actually. then i bought the hopia asked of me at the famous eng bee tin shop. i also bought a pack of crab fingers and strawberry tikoy. then i walked all the way back to quiapo, where i got on an FX for SM fairview.

i am so tired.

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