got a free ride home when i chanced upon riding the same fx taxi with my classmate aris. what a nice guy...he's very soft-spoken..had to strain my ears over the din of the radio to hear what he was saying. but we actually talked about a lot of stuff about school the whole ride. i liked what he said about how he answered his conflicts exam.."love is blind..and unfortunately, so is justice."

currently watching: harvey birdman:attorney at law on cartoon network. before that they had a show called "space ghost" on...very retro-looking cartoon where they have real people for guests..kinda like a david letterman talkshow, only hosted by a cartoon character dressed like an 80's superhero. they had beck hansen & that gilligan from gilligan's island as guests!

apparently, at this hour, they have shows designated under the "adult swim" category--cool, cartoons for the big kids! very funny too! i'm liking this legal cartoon! there's a litigation about superheroes!!! haha.

ahh..what a tempting distraction indeed...must...start...reading....cases....

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