today we took our mom and boarded the MRT to robinson's galleria. it's her first time to ride the MRT, we even had our pictures taken there. heehee. today was the day she experienced what it was like to be a commuter in manila in the new millennium. we purchased our plane tickets at cebu pacific as we're flying to capiz on saturday...wheee! can't wait! we had quite a traumatic day on our way back...as we made a mistake riding the bus. we realized our mistake a little too late, as we had already paid our fare and the stupid, reckless driver bumped with this other bus which broke their side mirror. our driver got back at him by deliberately bumping the other bus' rear end. we decided to get the remainder of our fare back and take the MRT right there at cubao...but the stupid conductor refused to refund our tickets. when my mom was alighting from the bus, the driver wouldn't stop the bus! i took note of the plate number: PXM 504. they deserve to be suspended or something. we took the mrt from cubao then rode a taxi from quezon avenue all the way home. my mom vowed never to take a bus in edsa again.

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