i was half-awake in this fx taxi i was riding to school even when it was already 4 in the afternoon because i slept at 3am this morning. the side effects of staying up late lasts till the afternoon. anyway, i had this brief eye contact with a beautiful stranger in a taxicab alongside the one i was on. i was near the UST gate at the time and i happened to glance at this passenger in the taxi...and even from the side i saw that he was cute. i wished in my mind that he would look my way..and he did! but we only locked eyes for a second..and with just his one eye, because he looked at me sideways. i doubt if he saw me at all but he looked straight at me. and my heart skipped a beat...haha. i saw his taxi enter the campus...but i didn't see him anywhere inside. well, just my luck i guess. tonight on my way home, the taxi played some abba songs. the guy seated behind and the one beside me were singing along. it's refreshing to hear some good old classic songs for a change, and not those mind-numbing, cheesy pop stations.

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