yesterday in public international law class, we learned the proper pronunciation of the word "charges d' affaires". it's a ranking diplomatic agent and it's pronounced as "sharjai daFAR". i felt like one when rizza took me, smiley and cess to meet her chatmate from abu dhabi who works as a nurse there and is currently on vacation here. the place was at goldilock's espaƱa and the time was 3pm. she dragged me to accompany her at this girl's table so i acted pretty much like her diplomatic agent. VJ was the girl's nickname. rizza's problem is that she's a "passive" conversationalist, especially when meeting people for the first time. i spoke with VJ more than rizza did. eventually VJ treated us all to some merienda, where me and smiley had eggpie and juice, rizza and cess both had mais con hielo and juice, and VJ had a slice of brazo de mercedes and juice. i found out VJ likes cats as i do.

last night my father brought home a nice "rice in a box", in beef and mushroom flavor. it comes in this small orange chinese take-out box with a pail handle. it's basically fried rice with toppings...i love it! and the box itself is microwavable too. ooOooH!

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