what a sad day it is today for the music industry...my friend ivy in california texted me about aaliyah's tragic death via a plane crash. my sister thought it was a joke when i relayed the message...she just started to like aaliyah.
i went to my dentist this morning amidst the rain...and while riding at the side of the tricycle bound for sandiganbayan the rain really started to pour, hence drenching my pants from the knee down. i had to walk in the mall with my pants looking like that.
yesterday i bought some vcds again...and i spotted a clear dvd copy of "the exorcist." i thought that was a precious find...a must-have..hehe. (why dimmy, why?) then i bought "crouching tiger hidden dragon" and "moulin rouge". as to when i can get to watch these, i don't know yet. i also got a rammstein cd--german band to help keep me awake when i have to.

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