okay, back from the ski-worthy boondocks of pennsylvania.

it took us about an hour and a half to get to wilkes-barre, where we stayed at this econo lodge hotel for the weekend. we relied on the internet-generated road directions of mapquest.com, and realized it somehow inserted an annoying and unnecessary side road direction which led us right back to the highway where we came from. it showered hail stones on our way there, and my ears were popping from the altitude of the mountain road we were driving on.

i got to watch this shu qi hollywood movie "the transporter" on hbo, the review of which i'll try to post later. wrote it on my real journal. i also got to catch manny pacquiao's boxing victory in the featherweight division.

saturday, my aunt and i were supposed to be taken by a relative who lives in PA to this fine-dining restaurant called "amici." the stars didn't favor our dinner plan and we ended up with a flat tire in the middle of I-81, near the bridge which says oak street. we got stranded there waiting for the towing crew to change the flat tire but they ended up "accidentally" breaking the lock nut which held the spare tire at the back of their fairly new toyota rav4. i smell a lawsuit! this couple, bless them for their smart profession (one's a psychiatrist, the other's a journalist), do not know how to change tires. and now a simple flat tire ended up with even more problems. next thing we knew, all four of us were squished inside the tow truck's front seat as the driver offered to drop us off the wilkes-barre/scranton international airport nearby so we can get a rental car. the amici fine dining was reduced to a perkins dinner. my aunt jokes that i probably have a birthmark on my butt for travel-related misfortunes, but i insisted that i do not.

sunday, we checked out of the hotel and i tagged along with my aunt to luzerne college, but slept mostly in the car outside. i started reading harry potter book 5 which i borrowed from my cousin. and then after a BK lunch i was dropped off at this local library because they were having a small bookfair. the place was at nanticoke, named after the nanticoke indians said to have settled there from maryland. i bought this cool pink dreamcatcher with pink feathers, the one believed by indians to strain out bad dreams, like in that stephen king movie. then i also bought this poetry book for 50 cents by mattie stepanek, that boy i saw in CNN. oh and a nanticoke PA shirt for my dad.

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