it's thanksgiving day today, big holiday for americans. it's just as important as christmas for them but instead of a noche buena feast, a turkey dinner is the highlight of the occasion.

big parade today at new york city as families gathered to watch the annual macy's day parade hosted by the "biggest mall in the world". my sister wanted to go there and watch the event live, but we didn't plan early for our travel so we had to settle for the tv coverage. my mom says catching the macy's day parade would mean having to book a place to stay in NY at least a day before the event, because a lot of people will definitely go there. there were giant floats of different cartoon and storybook characters and some snippets of live performances by broadway musicals.

we could have taken either the train or the bus to get there. i'd like to ride the train someday to NY. mabe even to chicago. hehe.

later today, we went to a family friend's thanksgiving party. we brought chocolate cake which my sis baked, and some stir-fried vegetables. my sis hates turkey, but i ate some with gravy, mashed potatoes and stuffing. their adobo was great. oh and there was also baked tuna, pancit, shrimps, chicken curry, and beef something.

played a little pingpong in their basement because they had a pingpong table. i never got to play pingpong in physical education. haha. my uncle and father also played a match against each other.

called up our relatives in chicago and i got to speak to my cousin pete.

me: hi, is this peter?
pete: hmmm...maybe?
me: it's hope, your cousin...just wanted to say happy thanksgiving.
pete: oh i thought you were my friend hope, her name's hope...
me: oh really? and i thought i had a very unique name..hehe
pete: she's also filipina...
me: oh okay
pete: so did you have adobo there?
me: yeah, well you know how adobo never disappears in filipino parties! ("disappears"? should adobo disappear into thin air? hahaha)

and then i told him about how we spoke to each other a long time ago but that it was a short conversation. ah well. wonder how things would have been if we did get to go to chicago this thanksgiving.

pictures! we posed for our holiday family picture by our christmas tree tonight, so we can recopy it and send it out to relatives with the christmas cards. it's already december on monday!

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