i love you takeshi kaneshiro, but i just had to keep a straight face the whole time i watched "the returner" last night. hehe.

i think my father summed it up by saying "eh japanese version pala yan ng E.T. eh."

i think it's a combination of star wars, back to the future, E.T., terminator, and the matrix (dodge this!). very graphic death scenes, especially the bodies exploding in half. the reason why the movie reached almost two hours was because the real "daggra" (tibetan for "enemy", as we're told in the movie), namely this guy with an anime hairdo mizoguchi--just wouldn't DIE! he did, eventually.

takeshi looks really good in a long black leather coat. i was thinking, if they could cast an asian to play gambit in a future x-men sequel, he'd look great for the part. hehe.

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