okay, i finally went to the mall to have my LCD repaired. i could't stand staring at a blank screen anymore. they did suggest i get a new LCD, and i obliged for P400. the guy said something about china-made nokias getting all defective during the rainy season. huh?? okayyy, whatever.

i also got to see how much the nokia 6610 costs, it's about P12K+. oh dear, thou seems a dream at the moment.

i walked past our street's corner and found a dead kitten with her poor tiny head squished beyond recognition. my heart broke, i walked faster. i wonder who did it to that little thing. i had heard it crying this morning when i went out to buy mung beans and bitter gourd leaves for lunch. i tried to look for it but i assumed it wanted to hide. now that i've seen its lifeless body, it was a striped grey kitten.

and more on cats, yesterday imbestigador on GMA-7 showed this unsual festival called "baliw-baliw" in a cebuano town in olango island where people do the "taboo" things, like the guys dressing in drag and women's brassiere, placing carabao droppings on bilao and pretending to peddle them, and splashing water on cats and kittens and having them fight each other or against roosters! this is cruelty against animals. legend says that one of the town's elders had this dream with san vicente ferrer in it telling him to have the people do all the things mentioned above in exchange for blessings and protection by said saint. when the priest in that town admonished such a practice, it was said that the town suffered from an epidemic, and only when they resumed the "baliw-baliw" did the epidemic disappear, hence it has been celebrated that way eversince.

strangest fiesta i ever heard.

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