it has been that long since i last saw this high school friend of mine. the last time we met, we were freshmen students in UST, but we belonged to different colleges. after that, time passed by and we just lost contact, which is quite ironic since we studied in the same campus.

it's quite fitting that we would meet again in the same campus, but upon seeing her, she doesn't wear her white (college of education) uniform anymore, but a more serious-looking blouse casually paired with an equally serious-looking pants befitting of a college teacher. my co-gambit fan is now a professor. her first semester of teaching.

we hugged and went to look for a place to eat and catch up on all the lost time. she has changed a lot, because she's gotten slimmer and prettier. but she was still her chatty self. over lunch, she told me about her most gruelling experience in studying her masters degree in UP, which was this very complicated exam about calculating the heating time in a sterilization process. man, my mind spaced out while she tried to explain the intricacies of getting the right heating time in the process of heating a can. by the way, she studied food technology. i never thought it would be that complicated in graduate school. i mean, gawd, throw numbers at my face and i will space out on you. hehe.

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