ticket to ride; license to drive

got my non-professional driver's license today [technically, that would already be yesterday]. well, a temporary version of it at least, i don't get the official plastic version till after 5 months. but it's not like i'm going to be driving much anyway, hehe.

and how did i celebrate? well, my cousin and i rode the bump cars at the mall. haha. just for kicks.

i also got to ride the brand new squeaky clean LRT line 3 for a very short katipunan to anonas route. how short is that? well, katipunan station is right next to anonas, so the ride doesn't last more than a minute. haha. so what's so cool about the new LRT? the part along katipuan is actually underground, so people will experience subwayish-new yorkish transportation right here in the philippines. and, they have vendo machines for your tickets. yes, you just insert your coins and/or bills into the slot and voila...you get your swipe card with gloria's face on it.

my cousin and i actually had a camera with us, just so we can take a picture of ourselves while this LRT is not yet crowded. but the security personnel forbid us from taking pictures. i even tried to plead, "eh manong, holy week na po, taga-probinsya pa po kami, ngayon lang po kami nakapunta rito!" but, no luck.

the katipunan station was nearly deserted. the downside to this though is that they don't have public restrooms anywhere inside. hellooo? anybody cared to include toilets in the blueprint?

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