got my toga today.

also, hung out with cess and her cute 3-year-old niece chabeng. we took chabeng to the botanical garden inside ust hoping to see the only long-tailed monkey caged there, but to our disappointment, there was no monkey. i blurted out that the monkey committed suicide and jumped into the shallow fountain nearby. chabeng seemed to believe it. cess thinks i'm a bad influence to sweet little chabeng. hehe.

we sat on the swing inside the garden, and after a few swings i was feeling dizzy so i left the swing and watched them for a while. then we had lunch at jollibee. chabeng commented that i looked angry, and i told her i'm not angry, i'm just famished and i finished my one-piece burger with rice in record speed. after lunch, chabeng was starting to get impatient, wanting to get on a tricycle inside ust because she didn't want to walk anymore. so cess had to carry her.

okay, i bought a can of gel-mousse and a facial scrub and a pack of foot soak and foot lotion. i'm going to give myself a pedicure tonight.

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