we practically had no professors today! was lugging around my heavy backpack and not one of them showed up to teach. hmnn, not that i'm entirely sour about it, hehe. the last professor simply went in on us at around 830 just to tell us that he'll meet us tomorrow instead.

anyway, my sisters and a couple of non-sisters and i decided to use our 2-hour break for a "movie date" just for the girls. it was hilarious. ling bought some snacks and two bottles of coke because we were already hungry then. we watched the "movie" over at len's dorm. their reactions were definitely a kodak moment. then we hurried back to school just in time for our 8pm class, which never really happened.


bought a "coyote ugly" original vcd at the mall this morning, as well as 3 random cassette tapes which were on sale for only P20 each. i regret buying one of them....


it's turkey day in america today. i wonder what they're having over at my aunt's place, besides the traditional turkey, that is.

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