what can be more disgusting and annoying than having to bear two hours of an exam, just as you ran out of tissue, and your nose has just unclogged itself and threatens to spew forth unsightly snot while you concentrate on writing the effects of the serrano ruling on the wenphil doctrine? my fault really, as i should have brought more tissue with me, or at least a hankie. but hey, i was in a hurry this morning that i had to leave at 6am after waking up at 4:15am, skipping breakfast in order to cram with my friends for my 10am exam.

and then, when you finally find time to blow your nose, it gets all clogged up again and nothing comes out. even now my left nostril can't pass air through my lungs. i hate getting a cold.
although i skipped breakfast, ton gave anie a ham and egg sandwich, which was nicely wrapped in kerokeroppi tissue, and which anie in turn shared with me. then i also got to drink milo which anie claims dropped out of the vendo machine with the stuff she bought. freebie breakfast!
was teary-eyed watching this cancer-stricken girl in the show willingly yours, where people get their wishes granted, when marvin agustin visited her in her house just as she wished. she was still young, but you can see her head was in this indescribable, disintegrating state. the nurse who wrote the show on her behalf said that it was the girl's wish to see marvin even before she died.

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