slept early last night because i was tired from yesterday's affairs.

my friend ton wears glasses now, it's the type with a plastic frame. she's still hesitant to wear it in school, for fear of comments that she doesn't really need it. her mom insisted that she wear one when she complained of recurring headaches. i tried them on and my sight actually became a notch clearer! whoa, does that mean i need glasses too?

then after waiting in vain for our "mandatory" special morning class, we decided to visit our sis ron who just gave birth by caesarean section to a baby boy at the trinity hospital in sta. ana. turned out she had these seizures before giving birth and that she suffered from high blood pressure, hence she was induced to sleep and cut open. we saw her baby at the nursery and it was soooo small! it had the reddest tiny lips and it kept wrinkling its forehead. ron hasn't seen her baby yet, and she really looked bedridden and all. i was suddenly reminded of how my aunt had difficulty giving birth to our cousin abigail because of high blood pressure. but...ron is only 24!

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