barely 8 days before my birthday; 3 days before my revalida!!!(*panic mode!*)

if there's such a person as a hostile witness, tonight we had a case of a "hostile counsel", in the person of my friend ton.

facts: anie, ton, cess and me ate at mcdonald's after our class. ton requested cess to order her food for her. turned out cess lacked a 20 peso bill from her change, and anie allegedly saw the crew stash a 20 peso bill back into the cashier while serving cess' order. ton insisted that cess demand for the 20 peso bill, and so we accompanied her to the cashier. the manager made us wait while they verified their cashier record, but after some 10 minutes, we realized it was futile...and ton was suggesting that we just scram. cess never really wanted to make an issue of the 20 peso bill, although she was sure mcdonald's does owe her. the point is, the person who insisted that she fight for her right later on told her not to make such a big fuss out of 20 pesos. cess later burst into a verbal fit of feeling betrayed. not only did she lose her 20 bucks, but more importantly, her face. heheh.

it's videoke night at one of our neighbors. someone's birthday, it seems.

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