bar operations 2002

it's september, the first of the "ber" months signalling the start of the pinoy christmas season. but more importantly, it's the busiest time for our sorority because of the bar exams which always fall this time of year.

got home from an overnight bar ops session our sisses had at the bayview hotel, where our barrister-sisters are staying. all of us subservient sisters squeezed into one room and we swear we were the noisiest on our floor, and this newly-wed couple nextdoor seemed to be a bit irked by our gregariousness. hehe. perhaps we ruined their honeymoon mood. we also got to watch the season finale of sex and the city on cable.

we took out the foam of the two beds and laid them out on the floor. i didn't really get much sleep, because i could still hear the others talking even when my eyes were closed. then we each took turns taking a bath in the shower at dawn and headed off at the DLSU, the venue of the bar exams and watched different schools cheer their bar candidates on.

reeze, anie and me had breakfast at mcdonald's nearby and tried to sleep a bit at the (very hot) bar site our sorority and fraternity are occupying. then they decided to go back to the hotel and sleep there while i headed home. got home at about 1030am, and slept till 3pm. took my late lunch when i got up this afternoon. what a hot day!

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