made chop suey today for lunch. i think this is the first time we had an all-vegetable viand since we were left here on our own. i actually like chop suey.

was raining after our last exam was concluded tonight. it was like the heavens were mourning with us for the agony and frustrations we went through, especially during that last exam. ton and reeze simply disappeared, while i tagged along with arlene, cess, che, divine, michelle and christine to "celebrate" this last exam day by playing some pool (where i sucked--again) and sang some videoke. i got to sing three songs: "secret" and "take a bow" by madonna and "oops i did it again" by britney spears. christine is pretty wacky on the mic. i like the way michelle sings. she knows how to rap vanilla ice's "ice ice baby" too.

arlene's backpack got slashed in the jeep we took for morayta. she never felt anything...and her bag now has two open slices. good thing there weren't any valuables inside. i was using an open shoulder bag which is very vulnerable to thieves. thank god i was spared.

my friends are divided into two groups: some say i look good in my new haircut, while some say i looked better in my long hair. so what's the real score? heheh.

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