it was totally unplanned: ton suggested that we spend the rest of the day over at my place after we had lunch in UST. we basically ditched our 6pm class for this little get-together. so rizza, ton, anie and me went here to watch "my sassy girl" (Yeopgijeogin geunyeo), a korean movie about a girl who met a guy in the train while she was drunk, and they became this odd couple in the end. rizza's friend from HK bought this vcd for her. ton bought a chocolate mousse cake at red ribbon as her birthday treat for us, and then czar came later in the afternoon with some snacks.

then i introduced them to dancing the dance revo game on playstation...and it was hilarious. all four of them played at the same time per song, each one being assigned to a certain direction on the dance pad. then it started to rain really hard we thought they had to sleep over here. the lights went out for a brief time too. they sang along with the videoke channel on our cable, because czar wanted to sing so badly but unfortunately we can't use our mic. after having dinner, we had a little ask the magic 8-ball session, and it was uncanny the way the answers came out to some questions. it's like the ball was really clairvoyant...hahah. it stopped raining for a while so they decided to take a taxi home. we were really hungry after all that dancing. great fun. :)

My Sassy Girl

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