i got a new haircuuuuuuuuut!!!!!

my friends anie & ton coaxed me to tag along with them at david's salon because ton's getting a haircut. what the heck, i've been planning on getting one myself so i went along. now my hair is chopped to a short 'do, and i didn't realize the shampoo girl stained my white blouse's collar with this red stuff. so it looks like someone chopped off my ear...haha.

anyhoo, we also (surprisingly) went to revisit the UST museum inside our main building. last time i went there was years ago back in college. gawd, i'm old! haha. czar was being funny about the stuffed animals on display. good thing they had the museum renovated so that it's now airconditioned. we got in for free since we're UST students. we bought these little weird earrings at the souvenir corner, and also i got my sister a cute eeyore keychain.

this bus i rode on going home was sooo slow. must have taken two hours before i got off at caltex. i don't prefer taking the bus anymore. after that wild ride we had at enchanted kingdom, i started getting dizzy in big, moving vehicles, buses mostly.
am groggy and tired and sleepy now...

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