woke up at 5am with a stiff neck, and recorded this chinese movie on cable with nicholas tse in it. to my disappointment, there were no english subtitles. i recorded it anyway.
went to see my dentist for some "splicing" procedure. he drilled off some enamel on the sides of my teeth on the left and right to add more space for my teeth to move back inward. was okay on the left side, but it hurt on my right, so he stopped it short. as usual, he observed that i'm fat again. wonder when i'll get thin enough for him.
::yesterday:: aris and me got to hitch a ride with che in her car until ever gotesco. che's really into playing cupid for us. we sat in the backseat, no cuddling or physical contact whatsoever...although i swear he's got this smile on his face the whole time.

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