hmnn...mr. madbanana, if you're reading this...this one's for you (and you and you and you). your five seconds of publicity in this humble blog page of mine. not that it's such a big deal or anything. heheh.
okay, so i just got home from another kuhr buhr party. it's kuhr buhr ara's birthday so she treated us to dinner at kenny rogers roasters. i got her this tall glass with an eye design, since she has gorgeous eyes.
the counterpart fraternity of my sorority have a couple of neophytes, and a brother asked one of them to serenade me and rizza with a christmas song. rizza requested this old karen carpenter christmas song, and he actually knew the song and sang it quite well.
oh yeah, princess gave us some chocolates imported from the middle east. my toblerone melted in my bag, but hopefully it will reharden in the fridge.

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