kuhr buhr charlynn treated us to don henrico's at malate for a late dinner as an advance celebration of her birthday on monday. we (kuhr buhr karen, kuhr buhr ara, kuhr buhr hennie, johanna, the birthday celebrator, and me) reached the place by taxi at around 930pm. it was my first time to eat at that famed pizza-pasta restaurant, and now i know how pricey the food there is. the ceiling over the table where we were seated had tiny glow-in-the dark star stickers all over...and they look really pretty.
so we ordered this medium-sized pizza, half of it was taco flavor and the other half was burger, i think. then there was this deliciously sweet, flavorful buffalo chicken wings...and spicy shrimp pasta-something and fettucini alfredo. it was all so filling that we never got to touch the fettucini and substantially half of the remaining pizza. we stayed there until midnight and we had the leftover wrapped up so we can leave. man i'm stuffed. what a way indeed to end a day-long saturday fast...no lunch break, that is. overwhelming food!

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