just got home from a birthday party all the way in san pedro, laguna. rizza dragged me to go with her to harry's birthday party so she doesn't have to go there alone. it was a last minute decision as we both decided not to go anymore, because it was too far and we know that we'll get home really late. we reached harry's place at around 10pm. man, they had the hottest-tasting bicol express! they also had kalderetang baka and grilled pork chops. then i got to meet harry's sister karren. they made us drink this orange beverage with a bitter aftertaste. rizza developed a method in which you hold your breath for 5 seconds after gulping the drink so you only taste the orange part of the beverage. anyway, i almost finished my glass and felt my chest warm up...i was a bit tipsy by the time we had to go home. we left at midnight and braved alabang by jeep then boarded a bus for monumento. then rizza's dad fetched us at 7-11 and i had my father fetch me from rizza's house. dang, and i have a dentist's appointment at 10am!

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